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Summertime Practice by Evelynwn Summertime Practice :iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 0 0 Encore, Encore: Line art by Evelynwn Encore, Encore: Line art :iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 2 0 Finding Happiness by Evelynwn Finding Happiness :iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 0 0 Family and War by Evelynwn Family and War :iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 2 0 Last Moments by Evelynwn Last Moments :iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 1 0 Sirenborn by Evelynwn Sirenborn :iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 1 0 Wizarding: A History wordcloud by Evelynwn Wizarding: A History wordcloud :iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 1 0 Valka's Hiccup wordcloud by Evelynwn Valka's Hiccup wordcloud :iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 4 0
Eret (son of Eret) was alone for the first time since he’d landed on this strange rock the inhabitants call Berk.
He’d been put to work almost immediately after Hiccup’s understated chiefly celebration just like everyone else, almost as if he’d always lived amongst them. He wasn’t sure if it was overconfidence, forgetfulness, or sheer need, but everyone just seemed to assume he planned to stay. It took the new chief almost twelve hours to even consider that Eret’s crew might actually be wondering where he was, he still hadn’t even asked if Eret wanted to return to them, they just sent out a Terrible Terror with a message as though the fire-breathing lizard was a carrier pigeon.
The fact that Hiccup had, in fact, been the first to remember that Eret even had a crew... including Eret himself, told the former trapper that he wasn’t going anywhere for a good long time.
Eret considered this as he walked along the only sandy beach on Berk, the
:iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 8 3
Last Moments
Regulus glared at the paper on his desk. There was so many words going through his head that he wanted to put down. But none of them would form coherent sentences.
What could you say to someone who wanted to kill you?
Well he didn't want to kill him yet, but by the time his letter would be found the reader would want him dead. Thankfully if all went as planned he'd already be dead, so he wouldn't need to worry about it. This death would be far better than the one he would face if he survived.
Regulus closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He was still trying to figure out why he was doing this to begin with. He was a Death Eater, and a loyal one at that. But most importantly he was a Black. He was loyal to his family first, but his family wanted him to be loyal to the Dark Lord. So then why did he want so bad to defy him.
The Dark Lord would not be the only one he would betray tonight.
Even though he didn't know why he was doing it he wasn't going to back down. He knew there was a rea
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Wizarding: A History
Lily sat down next to James on the couch in the common room, Sirius rolled his eyes as James beamed a smile at her.
Sirius was playing with the camera he'd gotten as a Christmas present a few years back, pretty sure that he could improve it with just a little bit of magic. Probably not something he should be doing in the middle of a full common room, but hey, after all the stuff he'd done throughout his years of Hogwarts, no one was going to tell him off for attempting to enchant a camera. Lily watched him for a while trying not to be disapproving, at least he was using his time on something productive for once.
That and she was beginning to understand the strange and twisted mind that made up Sirius Black. Something that even after James and her three month anniversary still scared her a little bit.
"What are you going to do with it?" She asked curiously, she had after all promised James that she would cut Sirius a little slack and the prat was starting to grow on her.
"Not sure." He
:iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 2 1
Valka's Hiccup, part 2
The sixth time Valka cried.
She'd husband's arms wrapped around her as she cried into his unarmored chest waiting on news of the wee babe as the midwife checked the newborn's health, her sister-in-law (her much younger sister-in-law who already had three children of her own) dressed the child, and Gothi did whatever it was that Gothi does.
It was too early, far too early. Valka didn't know how early the babe had come but she knew it was too early. The midwife hadn't even begun to prepare her yet.
She'd heard the cries this time though, it was a good sign. Maybe… maybe…
Valka was too scared to hope.
Stoick rubbed circles into her back, even sang for her. That same song, that beautiful betrothal melody that she loved so dearly.
This time he sang faster, an encouraging melody rather than the haunting lullaby. She drew strength from the tune, but her tears could not be controlled.
She heard footsteps nearing the door of the bedroom, they stopped just outside causing her panic t
:iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 18 11
Valka's Hiccup, part 1
Valka lie in her bed weak and tired. Her husband sat beside her rocking the newly filled cradle at the side of the bed.
She'd never claim to be much of a viking, parish the thought. There was too much to be held against her in that respect. Her hatred for the viking kill or be killed lifestyle, she couldn't handle any length of time on the open seas, her love of the flying pests that raided their home and stole the food they'd worked so hard for…
The fear that gripped her heart at the thought of the cradle under her beloved's fingertips.
She knew the rumors that spread around the village. She knew what the other women said about her, how many men her husband had to refrain from giving a well deserved beating for a comment on her condition.
Her eyes never left the ceiling. She couldn't bring herself to look, not at her husband, not at the cradle, and never at the wee babe that was now nestled in his father's arms.
She's finally done it. After three long summers of marriage she'd f
:iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 18 2
Sirius' test. by Evelynwn Sirius' test. :iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 1 0 Light is Bored by Evelynwn Light is Bored :iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 2 3 Past Present Future Version 2 by Evelynwn Past Present Future Version 2 :iconevelynwn:Evelynwn 2 0


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Not that I think about this a lot or anything :iconzarla:zarla 2,870 620



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